Inflatable Fire education House: Boy Scout Show

This assignment was in order to give us an experience with putting together a video interview and news story. Alex and I did our story on the Inflatable Fire Education House: Boy Scout Show.
This was an event in which young kids got the education of learning how to handle fire situations. The cool part about the event was they had these demonstrations in an inflatable house.
The inflatable house is a new idea in order for fire departments to save some money on the cost of the old fire trailers, which are much more expensive than the new inflatable ones.
Alex was able to collect good materials in her video coverage and interviews, that I was able to edit a successful video story.
I enjoyed working with the video editing software however found it difficult to get the basics down. Once you learned the system a little better we were able to go about editing our story quite rapidly.
I was surprised at how many different things you could do with the adobe editing software. Like using the audio of one video while playing another clip muted.
I can see myself using this new knowledge in many things in my future. Just for fun putting home videos together is a big one. Also I can see myself being able to put news stories like this one together for a future company that I may work for.
Overall the experience was fun and I enjoyed working with Alex. I think that the more experience I get from using this system will allow me to become very efficient and employable for skills like these.

Twitter Assignment: Fly Fishing Film Tour

I recently attended the 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour. It was held by the University of Wyoming Fly Casters Club and Laramie Trout unlimited on April 18th at 7pm. The event consisted of great short fly fishing films from around the world. Anywhere from saltwater, deep remote rivers, or even cities such as Washington DC. There was a raffle half way through where I unfortunately did not win any prizes.


The cool part of the raffle was that in order to claim your prize the winner had to scream “YEEEEAAHHHH!!” in order to get it. This led to many people making embarrassing attempts while under the pressure of the crowd.

I enjoyed taking the notes during the event because I like having to use your imagination to compose such condensed tweets. The films were great too which made for the overall experience to be good.

The one thing I did not enjoy may have been due to my lack of cell phone battery life. everyone has experienced these days where their phone goes down and are left helpless. This effected my interviewing abilities and picture-taking because that was my main source to obtain those.

I learned mostly that even though twitter live reporting sounds easy it can quickly back fire if you come unprepared. Thus, I learned that in order for success comes preparation. If I could have done it differently I would have had a working camera and/or video source for the event.

Even though I was able to take notes I feel that most businesses or newspapers would have fired me for my performance on this one…hopefully not. In the future I can definitely see myself using social medias such as twitter in the future. I would use Twitter just like most to inform fast about events and watch the news spread like wild-fire.

I could use Twitter in many different ways I am sure. However I am new to the Twitter game so I do not know or understand the possibilities that come with it.

#phonedied #greatfishingfilms #Twitter=extraterrestrial

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge: Soundslide Experience

Click the link and listen to our story!

This assignment was my first experience using the program SoundSlide. The purpose of this assignment was to find a story, with a partner, and combine an audio interview with visuals of a slide show.   I partnered up with Alex Barrett, and we chose to do our story on the University of Wyoming’s dodgeball tournament. We chose to do the dodgeball tournament because we felt it was going to be a good spot to get good photographs of dodgeball action.

We interviewed John Fischer, UW student dodgeball competitor, and Josh Kingston, intramural graduate assistant. For John we asked him about his experience in the tournament, and why him and his team participate. With Josh’s interview we mainly focused on the structure and rules of the tournament. We were able to pull both of them away from most of the noise of the gymnasium, and conduct the interview in a calmer place. I held the recording device while Alex asked questions to the interviewees.

Overall John and Josh did great! They answered the questions with good answers and answered in complete sentences, which made editing much easier. SoundSlide was fun to use and the final product was very satisfying with the work we had done. Alex was a very helpful partner. She took the lead role and made the first encounters less awkward.

This project was not very difficult to do. We were able to get the job done quite easily. However, the hardest part of the assignment was the interview process. I held the recording device so I did not know whether to look in his eyes, avoid attention, or not look at all. I ended up standing there awkwardly not knowing if I was distracting him from Alex the interviewer.

I would not do anything differently next time. With more experience interviewing and working with programs like SoundSlide, the more efficient we will become. The project was fun to do and I am anxious to see what the other classmate’s stories are done.

Alex Barrett: Edited Interview

Here is Alex’s edited interview:

My audio editing experience was fun and a good learning experience. Some of the things I learned are that it is much easier to cut and edit the tracks while you have paused the recording, and I also like to move the different cuts back together as I go. For the most part this assignment was enjoyable for me. The initial interview with Alex was fun, although it may have been awkward and unorganized at times. Cutting the interview from 5 minutes to 2 minutes was a slight challenge for me. Selecting stuff to cut out is based on your individual opinion. if someone else were to edit this interview I am sure they would have done it a different way, which makes a lot more variables come into play. I can see how journalists have to be very precise in what they select to edit out, so there interview goes along with their story and flows well.

With regard to my overall experience I do not think I would have done anything differently. For getting a grasp on the technology and learning as we went along,  the experience was rewarding. However, the next time I conduct an interview or go through this process I will do a few things differently. The first would be to have a more set direction of questions, so the interview went the direction I wanted and the interviewees’ responses could flow more systematically. Also my edited file there are some quick transitions and the volume of her voice changes between some intervals. I need to be more meticulous as I make the file run smoother and more deliberate.

Overall the interview was a success and I look forward to having a chance to work with this technology, and use this process again. Linked to Alex’s name is her website check it out!

Alex Barrett: Raw Interview

My interview experience with Alex Barrett, University of Wyoming communications major, was a first for me. Going into the interview there was tension and a sense of unconformability because the interviewing experience/process is very new to me. One of the challenges that we had conducting the interview was answering the questions in complete sentences. Both Alex and myself had to be reminded during the interview to answer in complete sentences, so when we go and edit ourselves out of the interview people understand what we are talking about. Although we felt awkward she did an amazing job of continuously talking and keeping the interview conversation going.

Some of the things I learned from our experience is how to pause the recording device. As simple as that sounds when I was getting interviewed we did not use the pause button. When I interviewed Alex we used the pause button and it ran much more smoothly being able to pause and collect thoughts.

I enjoyed the interview process because it is something new to me. Alex made it easy and fun during the interview even though I am sure she felt the same way as myself. I did not enjoy being interviewed that much because I almost choked under the pressure. I answered some questions well and some others with poor grammar and other speaking flaws that come under pressure.

In the future the things I would do differently would be to have more concrete sets of questions. With a more structured plan I believe I would have been able to run the interview more smoothly (slow and controlled). Also on the interviewed side I would have tried to slow down. I believe that if I slowed down and thought of my responses they would have been structured better, and would have been more of what Alex was hoping to get out of the interview. Overall this was a good starting point with my future in interviews and learned many valuable lessons.

Here is Alex’s raw interview:

Beginning Audio Recording and Editing

This blog post is about me and my new experiences with recording sounds. First there will be a set of “Ambient Noises” which are recordings that I have made of everyday life. These include the coffee pot, pen clicking, an egg frying, etc. The second part of this assignment is giving us a hand-on experience with editing and moving recordings. By counting to ten, in a random order, we will then learn to cut and move the numbers into the correct order. These first two recording concepts will allow me to understand the basics or need-to-know information for the future.

Ambient Noises

1) Keyboard: This is the sound of a classmate typing on the keyboard. I recorded this in this class actually when I recorded my neighbor Alex typing. This sound could be used for a story about a writer.

2) Frying an Egg: This is the sound of my roommate cooking eggs in the morning. I recorded this one morning in our college house. This sound could be used for a story about food or cooking.

3) Shower Music: This is the ambient noise of the shower running while my roommate listens to music. I recorded this while waiting on my roommate to give me my turn in the shower. This sound could be used for stories concerning water.

4) Birds Chirping: This is a sound of birds chirping as I walked to class. I recorded this sound early in the morning when the outside noises were soft enough to hear these birds. This could be used in stories relating to wildlife and the outdoors.

5) Coffee Brewing: This is an ambient noise of my coffee pot almost finished brewing in the morning. I recorded this around 7am because that is the timer set on our coffee pot. This sound could be used telling people about how to wake up in the morning or coffee advertising.

6) Pen Clicking: This is the sound of a pen clicking i was listening to in the UW library, as I sat down next to a person. This person would not stop clicking their pen so I thought it would be a good ambient noise.


This is the original counting order and sequence.

This is the edited counting sequence

This is my first time using recording software and editing. With the help of a friend I was able to figure it out. No I do not have  any fears about audio journalism, but I may have some speed bumps along the way. Only through trial and error will the use of this software and equipment become second-hand.


journalism 032

Free Throw: Kaitlyn Mileto, a sophomore for the University of Wyoming basketball team, shoots a free throw in their dominating win against Air Force.

I attended the Wyoming girls basketball game February 27th when I took this photo. The experience of photographing a sporting event was new to me, as I had a very hard time finding a location to take pictures from. I finally got positioned right next to the band where you could see the score and be on the offensive side.

This shot was fun for me to take because I moved around to many different locations throughout the gym until I found one I thought would fit. Then it was a waiting game. I sat in this spot for nearly a full quarter trying to get a shot that I would like. Finally, I was able to use the seat in front of me to steady the camera and capture the ball mid-air. Also the ball does not block the view of the score board which makes this picture have many different aspects to it, that add to its quality.

journalism 049

Smoke Break: Craig Khyl, engineering major, enjoys a quick cigarette outside the engineering building in between classes.

This photo was ironic and random. I was walking to class taking photos of people who would allow me for this assignment and stumbled upon Craig. This is ironic because I interviewed Craig for my backcountry skiing post not to long ago. He agreed to a picture and I was able to capture his relaxation and the University of Wyoming sign in the back.

I first saw him and tried taking pictures from the side view, but after moving around I was able to capture the lines of the bench, Craig, and the University sign in the back. I felt a little uneasy trying to move around him while taking photos, but he made it easy by acting as natural as he could. While getting this photo I tucked my arms in a tried to steady the camera best as possible, and had to move around to find a good shot.

journalism 044

Walking Along: Amber, a UW student, walks to class through Prexies Pasture, with snow on the ground and the side-walk barely clearing off.

I was not able to get this students last name because I simply forgot to ask, however I did get a first name. I found this photo also walking to class. The story is funny I ran up to ask if taking her picture was ok, and then ran back as she continued walking and started snapping photos.

This one turned out the best because I like the contrast between the gold of the dead leaves with the dark-green pine. Also how you can follow the side-walk to the subject of the photo, Amber. Taking this photo made me feel awkward because I startled her coming up from behind to ask permission, and then running back to take the photo.

I once again tucked  my arms in to keep the camera steady and used a vertical shot as my creative devices.

journalism 028

Defense: University of Wyoming girl’s basketball team dominated against Air Force using solid defense.

I felt this picture was appropriate for a shout out because the UW women played extremely well defensively in their win against Air Force this past Wednesday. I took this photo near the end of the first half. It worked out well because I was able to get the Cowgirls holding Air Force to a missed shot, and have the cheerleader holding a defense sign.

This shot was pretty easy to get but the timing was the most important part. I steadied the camera with the seat in front of me and waited for the right time to take the shot, and got lucky I guess. I feel pretty good about this photo because it displays in many was how the Cowgirls defeated Air Force.

journalism 053

March: Three University of Wyoming students march to class in sync while keeping their hands warm from the cold.

I did not get the names of these three students but thought this picture was neat. I thought it was neat because all three are in synced stride, heads down and have their hands in their pockets. This picture was random that I came by it. I was just taking a lot of photos and saw this one amongst the mix.

I used moving around and stabilizing the camera as my creative devices, but overall came across this picture easily. I took it the morning of the 27th while I waited in between classes.

–I learned that sometimes taking day-to-day photos you have to step out of your comfort zone when trying to find the right picture, and asking for permission. The thing that surprised me about this assignment was that the random photos or photos you just happen to take turn out better than planned ones. I mean the ones you try to frame and wait for might not be as good as the spontaneous ones. If I could do something different I would try to be more outgoing. Outgoing in finding subjects for my photos and outgoing as in getting into different environments and people.